Hydrogen is a lightweight application designed to host short-answer math contests. It was originally developed for HMMT by Yang Liu and Evan Chen.

Details about the contests offered on this site are listed below.


Here are some hints on how to use this website.

  1. To get started go to Active Contests; you can then enter any contest for which the window has started.
  2. You do not need to register a user account to participate. When you enter a contest, you will be asked for just a name and email (no password), and once you submit this information the timer will start automatically.
  3. When you enter a contest, you will be given a special link to a page where you can enter answers. We use this link in lieu of an account/password system, so be careful not to lose it.
  4. The format of contests may vary; see each contest for more information. In general, each contest will have a time limit and a set of problems with fixed weights.